Disco 'Likwidation' (1997) al que pertenece la canción 'Commercial Skit'

Commercial Skit

Tha Alkaholiks


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[Only When I'm Drunk playing in the background]

Brand new, from Likwid Crew Records

It's Tha Alkaoliks, Greatest Hits

[Daaam! playing in the background]

Yes, Tha Alkaholiks have the shit that'll make you say... DAYUM!

You get songs like - You Can't Tell Me Shit

[Can't Tell Me Shit playing in the background]

Yes, it's Tha Liks baby, the most incredible rap group in the world

Who can forget their enchanting love song, Mary Jane?

[Mary Jane playing in the background]

Invite some friends over

[Likwit playing in the background]

and see how the Likwid makes you, the life of the party

Call now, and it can all be yours


[The Next Level in the background]

Call right now, and receive a free King Tee beanie


[Make Room playing in the background]

A-L-K-A, H-O-L-I-K-S

It's Tha Liks baby, it's Tha Liks!

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