Disco 'Lord$ Never Worry' (2012) al que pertenece la canción 'Y.N.R.E.'


A$AP Mob (ft. A$AP Twelvyy)


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Man, I'm a feeling like rich with the duffle, bricks on the shuffle
Yams like, "Twelv, you better stay out of trouble"
Cool in state of fold, no snitch in the huddle
A$AP mob, money mix with the muscles
Dollars falling from the sky, Harlem on the rise
On some Sparta shit, you don't want no problems with these guys
I'm no smiling no, how I get you bodied in your ride
Check the calendar, got this shit feeling like July
But I'm cool though, graduated school though
Don't sip Nuvo, that never been cool though
F*** it, I'm a fool though, new flow after new flow
Twelvy 'bout his kudos, I'm live from the group home
Hard knocks, and see the bigger picture
Plans to get richer or kill them with the scriptures
Huh, so fuck them other the niggas (Why?)
Cause they ain't fuckin' wit' my niggas

All my niggas throw they A's up
See me singing and winning
Fuc*** we living, but you gotta peep the vision
All my niggas getting paper
Cause we hustle this shit
Young niggas just running this shit (x2)

Man I'm gunning for the top, million niggas deep
Strapped with heat, watch how we occupy the streets
With the least in the maximum, all the g's jackin' 'em
And I keep the calcium, and I'm known for blasting them
Stop harassing them, about
Bitches and his rapper friends, oh
All what ..
That queer shit is sickenin'
All about my Benjamins
Old shit is all black timbaland
Y'all old niggas feminine
Y'all ain't getting dividends
Man I got racks to get
Man I got racks to spend
I'm fit on some rapper shit
I'm caught in the loop, straight from the stoop
To the booth, next stop a coup, I'm the truth
What it do
Why they let this young nigga loose
I'm the truth, this is what I do in the booth
Man I have fun, and I spaz on everything
Cause young niggas run everything

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