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Ha ha ha ha It's Devz, D-V-Z
Outtakers, Broadstreet Stories
Its dirty Devils, Where's your fucking levels?
Big up everyone in Dogenham
Yeah... What can they say though?
They can't do it like us
Yeah.. We're live

Lights, Camera, Action.. I told you I was merking records
So now it must be like, prime time for fucking action
With no distractions, never bit I writ my own adaptions
F*** all my shit I'm swinging axes just like Anglo Saxons
And my defences are extensive, my vision's been extended
So I can see through these pricks pretending
There ain't no happy endings, we just go through life defending
Possessions, go old and wait for death to start descending
Cause lifes one slippery slope, from being literally broke
To sipping champagne and sitting on boats
That's what I'm wishing the most
Guarantee that if I left I won't be missing the roads
Spit with the sickest of flows, It's amnesia
Forgetting I abolish pricks, from the school of knowledge
Leaving blood upon your Smiths so they might need a polish
And competition is minimal, that's completely honest
Tell me Devz didn't raise the stakes and delivery as promised
So secure the perimeter, cause its sure to be sinister
Assassination, bore the Prime Minister
For the law that he administers, keeps working class people working hard
And tax rises means that he can drive a fancy car
It's mind blowing, I've spent time growing
From writing any lines and any verse, to bars that I define poems
The ill poet you know it, so say it
Help me build my dream instead of trying to delay it
Cop my vinyl, play it
And you'll be nicely surprised, tighter than guys
Riding the mic and finding hype, carry on bighting lines
We live in frightening times, so instinctively i'm showing fighting signs
Careful on the roads, you never know where lightning strikes
I'm feeling rightfully inclined to grab the mic and ride
Take my pride, nar they ain't a man alive
The way that i've been writing's now been redesigned, totally redefined
You must be blind if you can't read the signs, I need to feed my mind
I need to start consuming food and moving
Cause the fact i'm better than these cats has now been truly proven
I've seen losers do what they do best and thats just keep on losing
Hating Devz cause they ain't on this level, it's too amusing
But who's the nicest? Cool, calm in a crisis
Got language, grab the tightest, in my fist the hand I write with
A scholar from the middle ages, 1050 pages
Demonstrating how to blaze the paper 'til your'e raising Satan




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