I'm All That de Snow Tha Product

I'm All That Letra

Snow Tha Product

'I'm All That' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Wake Ya Game Up Vol. 1.


'I'm All That'

He said he like his chick to look good
Dress fresh, have class, and make money
Got her own whip, own crib, and stay stunning
And I'm all that, and I'm all that
And I'm all that, and I'm all that

He like his chick to keep it popping like a cap gun, and I'm she
I'm on camera, lights, and action, and big screens
And they know that I'm the main attraction
And I know he need an independent chick with
Long black hair, and that's me
He said 'Snowhite Tha Product, keep 'em where they barely have it'
Cause I look good and like milk, I'm always after cake
You could tell by his face, he don't even have to say
I stuck and leave him paralyzed like Drake in his deGrasse days
I got it like I want it, play it like I feel
If I got it, then I bought it, popping tags and popping seals
I walk it like I talk itand I'm about to make deals
And I'm a serial murderer with looks that kill
And I'm on the floor killing it, me and my girls is getting it
He diligently vigilant, I'm feeling me, I'm feeling him
I'm gigging like he tipping me, there's just no concealing me
He don't even see the type of girl he trying to have sex with

You never seen a Hispanic chick managing
To hit the floor and damage it
Someone ring the alarm, Snow's hot and people panicking
So United Nations, shirt French and shoes Italian
Cute but f*** with me you'll get touched like Omarion
I be in Cali in Caddies going hammy and
I be buying everything in store, even the mannequin
Barely keeping walking still chop it down in Spanish
And no Ciara but I'll ride a beat like a stallion
Snow White Tha Product pulling strings like I'm mandolin
Stacking bags and packing Gats, I'm bad but no one's tattling
I'm driving in a Phantom and I keep the trunk rattling
Wrists diamonds, princess cuts, I be Disney Channeling
I be out in Dallas and in Wonderland like Alice
And if what I'm sipping's crazy and what I'm smoking is bananas then
Boy, I live in Texas, I stay throwed like a javelin
And Snow got that good, I'll make them say
[Hook x2]