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I'm Doing Fine Letra

Snow Tha Product

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'I'm Doing Fine'

I got a backpack, shades, and a heart that's made of gold
And the title of my life: "The Best Story Ever Told" and
I think that I'm doing alright
So what if I wake up late and party all night?
I'm doing fine

Pale skin shawty, clay chain hanging
All these haters like to talk
But I'm still something they can't hang with they blogging at their home
I'm out on paid vacation
And I would name em all by name
But that's my time that they've been wasting
So I'm kicking back, hanging out
Really ain't shit that I'm worried bout
I'm just paying my bills, and my mama bills too
Your problems seem so basic now
Me and my team getting fading now
But they're now playing bout while we wait around
Two shows one day three tests for the weekend
We can't even make it now
It seems so funny that they hating what we moving
It's kind of crazy, that they chasing what we doing
It's kind of lame all these other rappers choose it
And start hating on the girls starting to f*** with the movement
Come on man, we do it!

Hype around snowy anything I say I mean
Anything I spit is real as me
Anything I do is from my team
So we just kicking back making move
Hold to get a break for a day or two
And even then I got bizz, when I handle in the bit
Then is back up on road trip with the wake up crew
We woke, we smoke, we wake the game up
And we know we go, so go, the game gon' change up
This little chick from San Jose
And I'm taking over mind is made up
And I ain't gonna stop, till I cop me a guap
Found mansion somewhere rich as f***
And I'm just dreaming big, having fun
Still one of the cool kids
Then I tell mom that I'm gonna get paid
Then I'm stopping all the bullshit
Cause she know she know the money I'm using
Till the bills is off of my music
And she finally coming around, I told her "Come on man, we do this!"

[Hook 2x]