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Everybody know I, do it
Yall thought he was gone right?
Y'all thought it was over
Let me tell yall something though
When he say EST for life
He mean that shit
Its the return of the underdog
The voice of the people
And hes still 100 words and running
So yall better lace the f*** up

Straight from the mother fuc*** jungle
Fought with lions, tigers, and bears
Now I'm ready to rumble
Yeah the good guy never wins
I'll be humble
Whole city on my back
And I ain't gon' stumble
My hearts blacker than Ethiopian skin tone
Mama shoulda cut her fallopians
Knowing I was gonna be a problem when I get this ink on
Is kells here?
Man please I been gone
And I'm never turnin back again
Cuz a block wanna trap you in
I done lost too many friends to the streets out here
Too soon to not know whats happenin
Call a taxi in
Get a book read the facts again
Ain't shit about us fancy man
Welcome to the east town
We happy in
And Ima put this mother fuc*** on the map again
Heroes are remembered
Legends never die
I ain't dyin any time soon
What am I?
The hometown hero
Goddamn it with a legendary flow
And a name thats forever mine
Kells, can't nobody f*** with me
Im on another level
Ain't nobody off of me
... couldn't get you onto my level
And thats cold ... company
Everybody I'm good

Yeah and when I step into the building
Everybody put they mother fuc*** hands up
(put em up, put em up, lace up)
Yeah and when I come into the spot
All the real mother fuck*** gonna stand up
Who gon' stop me
Who gon' stop me
Underdog of the year
Call me rocky
Underdog of the year
Call me rocky?
Dont act like you ain't copy
Bitch im hot shit
You can't knock me
This rock bottom
Who gon' top me
EST be the team that got me
Who gon stop me
You gon stop me?

Everybody get the f*** out
Show me a rapper that you think is iller than me
I bet I pull their fuc*** tongue out
Nowadays everybody be thinkin they ballin'
I came around and home runned on these players from the duggout
Yeah bitch what now
Hat to the side
Bags underneath my eyes
Got me lookin like I'm strung out
Can't even get outta bed
Without a pair of original chucks laced up
Then we lookin to run out
Look at who I brung out
Every show and every single city I step into
All the greatest people come out
Every single stage I'm on
Ima dumb out
Yelling EST untill I blow a lung out
And thats why I love my fans
I swear my fans are my fam
Took it from the bottom
And we never goin back again
Lace Up Cleveland's on the map again

Lace Up

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