'The Aeroplane Game' de The Pancakes (Flying In The Blue Sky On A Frying Pan)

The Aeroplane Game

The Pancakes


I like imagining randomly alone
Sitting under a tree suddenly singing randomly
Mayb ein daily life you also like doing so
I also like travelling round randomly in a bus
looking at the landscapes around
Like having a date with the stars exploring the sky
I never care about the people and things around me
I have my own way to be happy
In the daydream no control is needed
When I see you my face gets hot
I don’t wanna think of anything else
You and I holding our hands flying in the sky
In dhe daydream no border is needed
I like going to the park running around randomly thre
Staring at the sontes on the ground shouting randomly
Maybe in fact you and I are the same
I also like imagining travelling in a trin
Coming right towards you
Like you and I jumping into a spaceship visiting yours