Canción 'Condenser' del disco 'Tip' interpretada por Finger Eleven

Condenser Letra y Canción

Finger Eleven

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CONDENSER es una canción de Finger Eleven del año 1997, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Tip.



Felt the best that I could feel censored every memory
Give me yours so I can feed mine
Anywhere but far away can't be what you meant to say
I won't miss you in the meantime

All jokes aside you should decide
If it pleases or pains you
You should be allowed but you were beat out
So nothing can save you

Closing up into the end try to start it up again
A lower voice and tired heart beats
Take away the self esteem force it through to get relief
Taking everything that I need

Spirits all keep coming down
Come around with answers
I'll cut my teeth in slivers
You're up and gone and senseless
Broken open your abscess

Is it all or is it none
I can't decide
Closing all the one way doors
'Til I am left outside
That's just what I see
That's what I came to see
Now you shut me out
I feel left out