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Man I'm coastin'
Shawty told me act cool, I'm already frozen
Know I keep it presidential, and my lyrics is golden
They tryina' catch you
And Ima spit the realest, hope it don't upset you
She wanna pet you, cause you'z a bitch
Man, I'm hanging out ‘till the A.M
I know I'm sounding super slick and all you haters hating
I mean, That's your job, isn't it?
Whenever I start something, I gotta finish it
My verses straight aesthetic, I'm headed for the top
I been about my vision, you can take the bitches and guap
I'm driving to success and fuck a pit-stop
I ain't got time for that..

Uh, Beat you senseless with lyrical flows
My mind is always an enigma, I'm beating my foes
I'm playing mind games with ‘em
Uh, See that's the point of this
And I won't stop until I'm in my grave, but until then
Creations always gonna be pumping out
I'm working with the best of minds, know what I'm talking ‘bout
I speak it from Medulla Oblongata
These rappers chasing dollars and rocking Prada
They ain't even got a soul, fuck some commas
Man I'm different
Got a lot of passion and positivity
I did this from the heart, let me know if you feeling me

Break bread with my enemies
I hope you watching, Cause Thetti launching heavy rockets
I said
Yeah you can't even handle me
I'm rolling with my team, and we looking like some vandals B
I stay fly like a bird is
My verses so, __
You already know what the word is
I'm writing kick-back flows so you can vibe with me
Lie with me, baby get sky high with me
I can take you on a plane all up inside of my mind
You know I never sleep, I'm always up on my grind
Man, This feeling's got me feeling heavenly
I'm flowing super fluid I've been flowing seven seas
Thetti International, they hear it over-seas
And everything I touch is like 100 degrees
Man I'm on another wavelength, you never seen it
The only time your girl will holla's when I'm in-between her
It's Thetti and Neo Stripes coming at you

So Mask Up, When you hear the Flame
Man, I push a couple Blocks to the Plug's House
Eyes Fixated on the couch that you claiming is a throne
Flash a smile to the woman with the flexed grip
Choking out Dior cause, she ain't never seen a black man who don't snatch purse
Act worse, when the sweet talk touch the mental
Now he hopscotch walking, dripping ice on the Tabriz

Persia Shah's pissed off, Bounty Flick
Now the Prince wanna run these hands in Forgotten Sands


As long as this 20 crisp in my pocket
And lips lock, sparking flames and lighting up my rocket
Like, take off
You don't really need it when the heat hot
44 degrees on a summers after-eve
And its odd that you're picking up your phone, after me
I could drive, I just really hope to Zeus you agree
Cause. This Aesthetic's really hyping up the feature
Untamed talent, Soviet' sleeper

Please a chocolate eclair for my girl
Yves Saint Laurent shoes
Man, long as the pink blue
Long as she handy like its Vishnu
Vanish in the manic when its Chris - Chan
Rush hour 2 bring the blues, fuck
He didn't hear the news
That the sun flew, west for the summer
But the brew cold
Ice on his wrists, but he still wearing furs, PETA loosing it
6 different belts, a karate Gucci enthusiast
With nice pants!
Now why you stressin'?
Spit it like the double L, Amish man (LL-ama)
Coming back to see Lucy-loo
With the black johnny bravo
Old spice, aiding in bravado
Man id still sign my name for my worst friend
Still on the top, stay sicker than the sickest of the toxins
Mix black, add a little spice to the venom
Wolf it down, cause its 30 for the pack
And you broke, and we broke too

You kept my place at the top long enough
(I don't want it back)
I just forgot my phone so, pass that
Kawasaki Sen said Gambate
Rolling stupid deep with the posse

Mix in his drink like he's
Martin Luther Malcolm Rosa x
And he still walking chest out
20 loaves of bread for the masses
Young suave glasses


Tom Misch

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