Young acne ridden poet
I don't say it I show it
Put out a song & they quote it
If I said it, I wrote it
Ain't got time for all this stressin
All these women PMS'n
My homies juggin & finessin
Like a house I'm just addressing all my problems
But you never get the message
No you never take a second
And just look in my direction
Cuz it's time for some reflection
Cuz I'm tired

Long days shorter nights
I don't get no sleep
I'm an insomniac
Get my bro Noah on the beat
A hypochondriac
All this shit ain't normal for me
Prom in about a month
That shit to formal for me
Don't wanna do this music shit
I'm no performer homie
More like a transformer homie
Don't really know what I want
All these thoughts inside my head get jumbled up and I'm lost
I just wanna get my point across

I hope I get to see another day
Or that this message isn't empty words I have to say
I hope it hits you and you hear it on a cloudy day
It's a reminder that it all is gonna be okay

Since 99, I been on a fine grind
And it's time for me to find mine
Maybe I seen her pic already on my timeline
I hope she writes poems and draws in her free time
I hope she ain't too clingy and gives me some me time
I hope she lets me in her cat, yeah her feline
It's getting PG-13, let me rewind
I hope she listens to my problems and my dope rhymes
I hope she not a dope addict who likes to snort lines
But I'm alone, its fine
Its no ones fault but mine
Infidelity gets the best of me
Maybe the lords testing me
I'll probably just get a vasectomy
But all this shit is slick affecting me

I'm stuck in solidarity
Not asking for charity
Just that you're aware of me
I'm not invisible
You follow these principles
You're individuals
And all this shit is really pitiful

We're all supposed to be one
But we're not though
We need to stick together like some damn nachos
Depression raining down hard
I need a poncho
Happiness expensive
But I shop at Costco

My friends always tell me
"You could really make it in the rap game"
But all this crap lame
I'll take the fortune but forget fame
This shit is insane
Used to happy days
Now every days the same
But look how far I came
Regardless I still feel the pain
Regardless I still feel the pain
Regardless I still feel the pain
Regardless I still

I do this music shit
Just to express myself
But it affects my health
I hope my stress is felt
Through every word I spit
I hope it helps you
Understand what I'm living like
Every day and night
I fight and fight but I don't think that it will ever really be alright
It's never gonna be alright
No its never gonna be alright
Its never gonna


Tom Misch

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