Tom Misch

Letra de la canción

This that, yes yes yall you know Ill never stop
The other day i happened to have a thought
Im 17 bout to make these moves
I feel it deep i feel it in my grooves
They told me that you should just go away
You can follow your dreams all another day
So i guess that ima go and ill turn to you
I dont really know what else i should do

And I know how it feels
How it feels to be empty
Screaming to the gods
Right right right can you come get me
Down, Down, Down, Down Down
Can you come get me
Down, Down, Down, Down, Down

Im packing up yeah im packing up
Move out i need to go
They always always laugh it up
They have it figured out
And clearly , i dont
They see the otherside but clearly i won't
And you can go and get your eyes low
Think about my idols
But clearly do you see i have none
Got no role models yeah not even one
A couple empty bottles got one blacked out lung
Im that child laying down clearly having so much fun
Over the years it made me forget where i really came from
A kid turned man because his heart became numb
No love here left to give you i been feeling like im done
Just another day to space out
Another day to block out
I dont take the safe route
They treat me like a dropout
Treat me like i turned around said fuck it and i walked out
Sold my soul the real me never get brought out


Letra añadida por: Tuzone (#37)

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