I don't know about it man
I'm the one that's really got it man they understand
You should know about it man
You should know i got it man
You should know about the man
Tell stories in the night time
I'm feeling like its my time
It's feels like the right time
Ready for the primetime
I got em' all screaming my name now

I hear a lot of things about these CU babes
These days it's easier to see you babes
Keep it cool
Prefer it when i see through shades
I'm out at night though and i see you gaze
I got the light and i hear you blaze
I got some time if you're free today
If you're cool to stay
Ahmadu Bello down to Wuse 2
She's looks surprised i used a different route
I'm never lounging keep it on the move
I ain't from the streets of drive by's
I'm where they ban okada's
Mama cass ofada rice bitter fathers
Who got bitter rivals
It's all build and destroy
They smoke that kush cause they looking for joy
These days you can find me up in Bantu Studio
Gotta see the bro
Few models i ain't seen before
Gotta see em' more
These days i'm on my art shit
Music from the heart shit
So i'm getting heartless
Shit is crazy i swear
Maybe i should take the throne
Maybe i should take it home, i swear
I hear these rappers calling and i break the phone
I'm home alone
Shit we did it on our own
I just wanna chill
You niggas are too hyper
Shorty looking clean
Got motivation to pipe her
Caught me in my zone
Shooting 3's on rappers
Don't make yourself a target
Got artillery to snipe ya
You can catch me on the fast lane
Waterside for some colours that can drown pain
I'm Lighting up that greenery
A line of bad bitches that's the scenery
Believe me i'm the king of the city
I see some mini me's

I want to cake up like Bishop Oyedepo
But i'm starting small
Still looking for the Lord's favour
Now my idols are rivals
Swear to never quit right hand on the bible
The art of survival

King of the capital i opened up the gate for free
Like if you had 2 or three niggers just as good as we
Talking to my brother tay, that nigga shares a roof with me
Like if we gonna do it G
Then we gotta do it big


Tom Misch

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