I ain't never letting go
I ain't never letting go
Never settle for the low
Trying to figure out my role in this game called 'Life has a Hold'
And I know that the pain comes by then it goes, let it go, here we go
Right back to the space in my soul
Holding the taste of the freedom I know
Never fold in the face if you're free to control
Now, place fear beside you
Take the time then place fear behind you
Take your time, never make it define you
Race with the mind and the chasing will tire you
Just, uh, just breathe
Maybe you must open up your mind to find peace
Maybe you must listen to the signs of a dream
But were placed in the mind of a child in need
See, this is for him
Never been the same, but the prince is within
Carrying the flames that were made soon tin
But the stains don't change when the paint goes thin
And it might grow darker, so never lose that light
When you lost in the darkness, look for the flame that resides inside

Just breathe (x2)


Tom Misch

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