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The last ride



Let’s rest this crazed debacle, I’ll take you FOR A RIDE
my friends I’m aware of your treason, It’s Fine, You’re Fine, It’s Fine

Lovers of pain, The thing you crave for.
Is coming up ahead

I gave you money. You know I GAVE YOU FAME
(but) My Friends you give me good reason, to lie, you lied, so I lied

I’ll take you down, yeah, I’ll show you around
this little place in town, yeah, Will be your resting ground

You want me to wait? For what reason?
you know that you reap, What you sow
I’m loving the pain, You’ll be feeling
It’s coming up ahead

Waiting in line, The Last Ride

It’s the end of the line, the end of the line, The Last Ride, The end of the line

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