Shiloh Dynasty

Don't Trust Nobody

Shiloh Dynasty


[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty]
Don't want a sweet talk, she wonders why I
I don't trust nobody, not even her

[Verse: Irfan]
I dont trust nobody
Even tho she is so lordly
She is not again my B
She playing safe, I ain't knowing it
Her friends keep telling me
That 'In her heart, there is no other guy, except you, trust us'
But I know they just tell me a sweet lie

And then the other day
Does not feel same, I miss the old days
Just bring me to the old day
I miss when there is no foul play
We listened to the Coldplay
Chilled out Monday to Sunday
I guess right now you don't remember the date of my birthday

I hate the traffic
I just trapped in my damn mind
I've been feeling tired like my life full of damn game
You don't reply my messages, but you put the Snapgram
Feel like I wanna burn myself with the candle flame

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