Shiloh Dynasty

Father Forgive Me

Shiloh Dynasty


Hook (Shiloh Dynasty & Steven White):
Father forgive me for you know that I am always sinning
I tend to watch this body then more liquor fuc*** up my system
Excuse my language that's a hang up on how shitty I've been feeling
I'm sorry I've failed now with traction, and now that's it been a privilege (x2)

Cause I've been solo for so long? (x2)

Verse (Steven White):
A lot things that I have to see
And a lot of things that I have be
A couple things that I want to be
But f*** that shit its not up to me
I’ll live a life of normalcy
Old friends scorning me
And new friends using me
I hope real friends warning me

This is my first plea
Does my verse even talk
Can these people real feel me
Can they mess with my thoughts
Probably not, but whatever

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