Letra de la canción

feeling so misunderstood, i don't
know how to admit that i'm so low
i want her to think that i'm okay
even though i'm drinking just to pass the days

i'm day drinkin' just to get you off my mind
oh i stay sleeping, i don't wanna open my eyes

cause i don't know nothing bout that girl
i don't need her loving back anymore

what i need is peace
i just wanna feel like i did before
all i know is i don't want her anymore

take it back
take it back
oh, if i could, if i could i'd
take it back
take it back, oh
if i could oh baby girl you know i would
take it back, take it back
oh, if i could, baby, if i if i could
take it back, take it back

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

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