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i love and appreciate you all so much! thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to come listen to my music! hope you guys like this new vibe and the beginning of a new chapter. . .

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here are the lyrics!

pick up the phone baby
where you at, baby?
are you alone, baby?
said you weren't home, baby?

who's this man in my apartment?
what's he doin' here?
thought you were out with your friends
whatcha doing here?

you want the fame and the whip
you want the money and shit
i play along just for kicks
i play along just for kicks
but now she got me so whipped, yuh

now she got gold on her wrist
diamonds and gold on her wrist
how does she thank me for this?
goes out and treats me like shit
i gave her too much for this

said she want everything new
so that's what i do
i got her the coupe
house with a view
a million? got two
but she's not amused

she's not amused
it's nothing new
always so used
always so used
it's nothing new
it's nothing new

it's nothing new
it's nothing new

pick up the phone, baby
i've felt alone lately
can we meet up, maybe?
you acting so shady

i just wanna make love like we used to
hit my line, and tell me when you know i'll come thru

anything you want, baby girl i can provide
thought she want my love, she just want the dollar signs
diamonds in her eyes, from her mouth, only lies
she just want the fame, it should come as no surprise

Letra añadida por: Hawli (#1)

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