Canción 'After Dark' interpretada por Watsky

After Dark Letra y Canción


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AFTER DARK es una canción de Watsky.


'After Dark'

After dark, waiting for you

Made it 'bout
Halfway down the block, before I, oh
Damn, forgot about my coat
Must have dropped it, I had dope
In my pocket, you can smoke
It when you find it, cause I'm nope, not going back
And you can go, read my raps, I left my note—
Book in the kitchen darling

This the most romantic song I've ever written, sorry
First time I met you was in the bathroom at Tristan's party
Sex on the toilet felt like sex on the beach
But sheesh, I'm 23 years old, I shouldn't be this cold
You'll pretend I haven't fuc*** most of your friends
And I'll pretend you haven't chopped up half of mine
If you don't judge me, I won't slut shame you
If you just loved me, you could trust me too
But here we go again
And this the type of song that might come on after dark
Put on your boots, roll up a joint, and take a walk in the park
And even though I hate you, if you call, I'd probably go and meet you
Cause it's after dark and we're some lonely people
Only reason, hope to see ya

After dark, waiting for you
After dark, waiting for you

I think trust should be earned
I've got no regrets, just some tough lessons learned
Bridges burned when I acted wack like Scott Stapp
I said "aw snap" when she dropped her bra strap
At first you're kissin' me, hips'd be open sesame
Next it's a load of misery, pissin' me off and testin' me
Textin' me, hoping desperately this'll be just a memory
Mystery, what we started with, mess up a simple recipe
She was so fine, so fine
We all wanted her
Had us in line, in line, like hall monitor
Kelly Kapowski to Mark Paul Gousiler
Stop and I tend to get lost in her eyes like I was an astronomer
Caught looking up at the sky, but I'm not staring over at Venus
My telescope is my penis; I spy some cleavage
My laptop, and a Kleenex
I ask god for a remix
Of our love, but I've seen this before and I shut the door

After dark, waiting for you
After dark, waiting for you