Back on the Road

Back on the Road


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I'm leaving you tonight
Do not wait me awake
I'll never look back, just drive
I don't wanna see your face (Anymore)

You stole from me
All my truest feelings
Never gave 'em back
You left me empty
With my fears (Until now)

What we had
It's already past
Love really died for us
And turned to dust

I am back on the road
Completely alone, on my own
Driving fast to nowhere
I wanna live something rare
Without you

I gotta find my soul
The place where I must belong
There's nothing wrong
When you go after what
You want

I'm not sure who I am
I became a stranger
After all the changes you made
So much time I've wasted (You're insane)

You got me blind
Fuc*** up my mind
Left me behind
I was so fuc*** fool (Stupid youth)

We're never gonna be as young
As we are tonight
That's why I'm going to recover
My wasted time

I gotta find my soul

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