Mr. Lonely

Mr. Lonely


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I am Mr. Lonely
That's the way they call me
My bedroom is the coldest place I know
I'm a weirdo

I still don't get this world
It all seems like a bad joke
Everything looks so empty
And still plenty (almost the whole time)

One less day, one more night (I am all the things)
Give me my smoke and let me have my insight (to see what I could have been)
There's only winter after this line (but my stomach still burns)
I chose to go, I chose to be alone (where I can't see the sun)

I'm gonna drive my car
Under the rain

I will ride so fast
Until I lose my faith

I want to believe in everything they say
But I think there has never been a place

For people like us

[Chorus 2x]

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