Don't Stop Now del álbum 'Time on Earth'

Don't Stop Now

Crowded House

La canción 'Don't Stop Now' se estrenó en 2007. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Time on Earth

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Another pleasant day in the countryside
Ended up in tears on a stormy night
'Cause you can't follow my directions home
Don't stop now

God knows where the satellite's taking us
Can't tell what is right in front of us
But I hang on every word

Don't stop now
No, don't stop now
Give me something I can write about

Get fooled by the lightning every time
See the after image of my outline
Then you turn the wrong way ‘round

Well, don't stop now
No, don't stop now
Give me something I can write about
Give me something I can cry about

In a church house ten miles out of town
Is the devil gonna track me down
When you travel through a tunnel in the trees
Just remember that's how you get to me

There's no number on the house
The birds are heading south
Sometimes you have to turn
The wrong way ‘round
Sometimes you get too close to nowhere now

Restless, hopeful, in silence I wait
With a blank piece of paper on the top of my head

And all I want is something I can write about
All I want is something I can cry about

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