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YRS infamous, You know

My chic from the Bahamas
I ride bullets and yavis
While i'm sleeping on fleek
Hold up for my pajamas
I got my youngins they wildin
They don't play with the drama
They'll leave you up in a coma
When it come to the commas
Infamous be that wild gang
Money taller than Yao Ming
Jean suit by balmain
You can't keep up cause you clowns lame
Tell these rap birds its our turn
Getting doped up with that shower burn
I'm in the studio with them groupies though
A couple freak chics like Howard Stern
Ballin hard till they come get us
Roof gone on you dumb hitterz
Im blacked up I don't brag much
But these haters can't roll with us
Swagger so sick man im sorry
Tell em I stunt as a hobby
Me and P in the ferrari
Right wheel be twerking like Miley
Cyrus i'm in fly kicks
Bape studs thats my twist
And if money talk these rappers pockets are silent
Blowing on that loud thats a different smell
I ain't letting up cause Prodigy told me give em hell

Gold Chain, flooded vest
We done took it to the next level
Blowing money like we stupid rich
Bad chic and she flyer than a steward bitch
My money on a next level, next level, next level
Ill be on a next level, next level, next level
My clique is on a next level, next level, next level
I get it on a next level, next level, next level
I'm on a next level

I told yall too much times
Im too much dope, i too much grime
Got too much house, with too much dimes
I'm so much flee, i'm extra fly
Whole lotta hoes but not enough time
And when we fuck its exercise
I work that out, slip and slide
Now I work that out sexing vibe
Hundred gunnerz the inners they done it
F*** with us slow and then start gunning
Too much dough way too much songs
You mad at me my money's long
You mad at me I tuck at you
Ima take that loss and get this walk
And take that loss and get three shots
Thats not petron I make it hot
So much police dropping dimes
Too much jail that's too much time
Next level
Come dance with the devil
F*** with us girl you know we brazy
F*** with us cause she know we crazy
She wanna have my baby
I wanna share her maybe
So much air i'm just sick
Cover up the thirst right quick
Yea im on it like that
Nigga bulls told me like this he said

Lil black dress by Balma
I fuck with you or her
She wanna come to the projects
Niggas like how you found her
Im out here nigga rounds
Planet earth is my stomping ground
You gon' need a tuxedo in your wardrobe cause we going out
I get a lot a action get a lot a camera
Whole lotta lights got a turn ray bans on
Too much drugs
Hip Hop some my QQ avy
Now pop that pussy
Pop pop that pussy baby

Young Nigga my Bands up
Eat good im in grand lux
Rock shows got they hands up
That's why the h
Aters can't stand us
That young boy got crazy way
Money good like 88
Hoes love me like baby face
I say hoes love me like babyface
Ballin that shit is reserved
Stuntin my nigga you ain't heard?
Now from the hundred to burbs
Money ain't nothing i splurb
All these women wanna cuff me saying lets settle
But i hit them with the curb i'm on a next level


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