Emotion (Remix)

Emotion (Remix)

Maverick Sabre


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Creep with me, let's take a walk through the north where
It's boom, bye bye for road talking (BANG!)
Most my boys got stabbed, means I've been stressing
How the fuck did I survive? Made my mind my only weapon
Want pain? I can give you that
Look, I've got dead friends, I can't bring em back
Maybe God took them away cause I need angels
Have you ever seen a murder? It'll change you
Like maybe for the better, maybe for the worst
Might bust a gut, you might write a verse
Choose wisely, I could show you how the hood do
I done seen it bring a killer out of good yout, it's all true
I don't know about you but listen, I've got dreams
To get my family out the hood, as hard as it might be
My parents wasn't born here so fuck the BNP
My kids will only know the manor as a football team
I don't want them growing up like me, the city's cutthroat
Call the 2-7, I ain't nervous, look who bussed up
I'm too smooth for a postcode punch up
Plus we all from the same place, mum's crotch
Vultures, gorillas, snakes, I crept round them
Good kid, mad city, Kendrick wasn't out there
So there weren't a CD to help coping
There's two Os in emotion, come smoke em

Ain't nobody love me better
But ain't nobody cause me pain like you
Ain't nobody love the things like I do
Oh oh oh oh

Yeah, emotions run deep, deeper than chasms or canyons
Or the code of silence from Nostra Italians
Now around my neck, I feel these chains
No dazzling medallions, extravagance and arrogance
Take a hold of me, I think emotionally
I've grown to be detached, I roll without my phone on me
You can't reach me, I need a padded cell, fuck
I can't help beating myself up
I show this world love, and it spits at me in return
Jealously and envy offended me, now they're friends of me
I think I lied to myself, cause I hate that
I'm deprived of my health, small divides that I felt
Started darkening my heart, it's too real
For anyone to market it and now I'm just a bastard with
Many bad thoughts, cries
And then just whispers to a man's hall not to be the damsel
To ever listen to their lies
The only person that can hurt me now is I
The rebirth of the strong-willed, man that was long-killed
Walking through this paradox of life
Where nothing made sense, but now it's all in perspective
I'm reformed and collected and now the formula's hectic
I can't afford to be slipping like some classic DMX shit
I'm on some next tip

I have no regard for whatever man was before me
All I am is a story
And I'm the only writer, building my company though
So I'm not lonely either, listen
I'm sorry for going ghost this year
I just had to make sure the coast was clear
And now I'm speaking, the notion's clear
Cause the weakest emotion's fear

[Hook: Maverick Sabre]

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