Emotion (Splurgeboys Remix)

Emotion (Splurgeboys Remix)

Maverick Sabre


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I sat up in the back seat
I'm driving 'round these back streets
Somethings getting at me
I'm numb so what does that mean?
Am I sad because you lied?
Or am I mad because you tried?
Don't want to deal with the politics
But that's the deal when I'm done with it
Yes I'm trying to be positive
But I'm feeling the opposite
I've been down these lonely roads before
And where they lead me is only war
I can't do this anymore

Ain't nobody love me better
But ain't nobody cause me pain like you
Ain't nobody love the things like I do
Oh oh oh oh

Driving through the city lights
My brother is trying to ring my line
Telling me leave it behind
But the fire is burning in my eye
I can hear the voices
Saying there's no choice here
And I can here the boy speak
But the man in me ignores it
This jealousy keeps telling me I'm always right
And this envy for my enemy just keeps me blind
So I unlock the door, step outside the car
But is this what I want? Now I'm not really sure

Right, it all started picture perfect
Now I'm wondering if you were worth it
The thought of what we could've been alone gets me nervous
Cause everything was going right, girl, then you reversed it
Man, so I had to switch the scene on you
A minute later, boy, I had a thing for you
Used to have the picket fence type sweet dreams for you
Luckily, you showed face before I put the ring on ya, stinks, don't it?
Damn, look at where we at now
What we was building together, all out of whack now
Pride in a way cause neither one of us would back down
Eyes wide shut, I don't even want you back now
Cause all that misused time never came with a cost
There's plenty fish in the sea, I'll find another to call
Think it's better to have never had your love at all
Than to have all of your love and still end up lost, crooked

[Hook: Maverick Sabre and Chorus]

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