One Bottle and a Knee Deep

One Bottle and a Knee Deep

Children Of Bodom


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The night's serenade again
Suddenly you'll feel the rain wash away your pain
Sin's the worst drug you've had
You're whispering come out, come out
Wherever you are!

Intoxicating, Looking at the stars
At Lake Bodom...slowly settle, into the darkened night
Making you want to take another swig
Making you feel like this is the last thing you'll ever drink!

Fists in the air
Their coming with despite / Their coming to destroy
Spirits of Lake Bodom are furious again
Something pass you by, you wait for you to know
At the Lake Bodom where you say your final goodbye!

Soon you'll find your sat on the floor half a bottle deep
Swig your drink again until it goes away!
Running out into the freezing waters
At the Lake Bodom where you once was drowned

Grab the bottle smash it on the rock!
Feeling safer, no weapon, That's a big mistake!
Lying down on the dock
Drift away to nightmare, There's bunch of sparks!

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