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some days i don't even feel like
i know you at all, it don't feel right
stay out and i'll stay up all night
get home and we start a big fight

but i'm tired of playin'
i know your ass has been fakin' it
yeah my love, you've been taking it
yeah my heart, you've been breaking it

now i'm tired of waking up
all alone in my bedroom
i smell the gloom like the perfume
the one your boyfriend wakes up to

and you're not sorry for cheating
you're sorry i had to see it
oh yeah my eyes don't deceive me
oh yeah, but i don't believe it

i have a hard time believing
that you don't wanna mistreat me
you said you're sorry, you mean it
but it feels like we routine it

now it feels like routine
you stayin' mad at me
why you gotta act so mean?
i think it's time for you to come clean

i don't even know what to do
gave you the world but you want the sun and the moon
i always seem to lose
i got nothing to prove
i got it all to lose


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