Arch Enemy


A fistful of fear in my hands
A bullet of betrayal in my brain
No progress comes from pleasure
We smile in ignorance and learn in pain
Willful deceit was your plan
Desperately avoid the blame
Who will you answer to now?
Sharpened your shovels just to dig your grave

Stand up because the ground is in your way
I won't give you any peace!
Yet still you talk
Try to fight but I will watch you fall

This is a sweet revenge
And karma's a bitch
You glutton for punishment
What did you expect?

Sick, sick, sick
I'm sick of being your martyr
Your inflated ego is just dead weight
Bask in all the eyes upon you
Before you know it they'll have turned away

Stand up as the whole world turns away
I won't give you any peace
Yet still you talk
Try to fight but I will watch you fall

Wait and see, cry yourself a lonesome creek
Your decaying corpse can feed the roots of my towering tree
Just wait and see, you're dead to me

Yet still you speak
Trying to justify what you're doing to me

I will watch you fall


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