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LADY CRANE and CLARENZO are performing JOFFREY's death scene in The Bloody Hand. Portraying CERSEI, LADY CRANE is kneeling, cradling CLARENZO's head. The audience watches silently.

LADY CRANE: My son. My firstborn son. My child king, hush. Listen to the gods, for you they sing. Fight no more, sweet child. Your wars are won. The wolves are buried and the false stag done. Shut your blue eyes, my love. Let the crown fall. The Father above beckons you into his hall. In Seventh Heaven I'll see you once more. But now I seek vengeance on Sansa the whore and my brother the Imp who killed his own king. Born amongst lions, our curse from within. I will slay him, I swear. With noose or with knife, though it take me a fortnight, a moon, or my life.

The crowd cheers. LADY CRANE and CLARENZO stand and bow. LADY CRANE makes her way backstage. She takes off her wig and sits down at her table in the actors' break room, wiping her eyes. She takes her bottle of rum and begins to pour herself a glass but stops when she hears a rustling from behind a clothing rack. She stands and walks over to the clothing rack, then parts the clothes. ARYA is lying on the ground behind the rack, bleeding from her stomach.


ARYA is lying in bed. LADY CRANE sits beside her, treating her wounds.

ARYA: You're good at that. Where did you learn?

LADY CRANE: I'm a jealous woman. I've always liked bad men and they've always liked me. They'd come home wherever home was that night stinking of some whore's perfume.

LADY CRANE stands and carries her tray of medical supplies into the abutting room.

LADY CRANE: So we'd fight and I'd put a hole in them. And then I'd feel terrible, so I'd patch them up. I got good at patching them up.

ARYA: And good at putting holes in them.

LADY CRANE chuckles. ARYA smiles.

LADY CRANE: And that.

ARYA: What happened to the actress? The one who wanted you dead.


LADY CRANE spoons soup into a bowl and carries it back to ARYA.

LADY CRANE: She'll have a hard time finding work as an actress after what I did to her face.

LADY CRANE hands ARYA the bowl. ARYA takes it and slurps, then scrunches up her face.

ARYA: Mmm.

LADY CRANE: I never did learn to cook. But eat. Eat. You need it. The company is moving on to Pentos soon. You should come with us.

ARYA: I can't.

LADY CRANE: Why not? Got a feeling you'd be good at this sort of work. And besides, we need a new actress.

ARYA: I don't think I could remember all of the lines.

LADY CRANE: Come with us. What's left for you here?

ARYA: You wouldn't be safe. Not while she's looking for me.


ARYA: She doesn't have a name.

LADY CRANE: Where will you go?

ARYA: Essos is east and Westeros is west. But what's west of Westeros?

LADY CRANE: I don't know.

ARYA: Nobody does. That's where all the maps stop.

LADY CRANE: The edge of the world, maybe.

ARYA: I'd like to see that.

ARYA is afflicted with pain from her wound. LADY CRANE stands and pours a milky white liquid into a glass.

ARYA: What's that?

LADY CRANE: Milk of the poppy.

ARYA: I don't want any.

LADY CRANE hands ARYA the glass.

LADY CRANE: Sleep is the only way you'll heal. Trust me, if my soup didn't kill you, nothing will.

ARYA takes the glass, stares into it, and then drinks it down. She lays back and LADY CRANE tucks her in. ARYA falls asleep. LADY CRANE touches her hand and dims the candlelight.

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