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The Red Woman (Script)

Game Of Thrones (Juego de Tronos)


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Pan down from the inside of The Wall towards Castle Black. GHOST is howling. Slow zoom to JON SNOW's body, lying in the snow. A sign with the word “TRAITOR” is posted on a beam behind him. Closeup on JON SNOW. He is staring upwards, lifelessly. GHOST howls louder and pushes against the door to his pen.


DAVOS hears GHOST's howling and exits, then peers across the courtyard and sees JON SNOW's body. He immediately runs down the steps. He slows as he approaches JON SNOW's body. Other brothers of the Night's Watch approach. DAVOS kneels beside JON SNOW's body.

NIGHT'S WATCHMAN: It's the Lord Commander!

DOLOROUS EDD and other Night's Watchmen rush up behind DAVOS.

DAVOS: Help me get him inside.

The other Night's Watch brothers pick up JON SNOW's body and carry it away. DAVOS remains, staring at the left over pool of blood.


DOLOROUS EDD wipes the table clean. The other Night's Watch brothers place JON SNOW's body on the table. DOLOROUS EDD places his hand on JON SNOW's wounds, then brushes JON SNOW's eyes closed.

DOLOROUS EDD: Thorne did this.

DAVOS: How many of your brothers do you think you can trust?

DOLOROUS EDD: Trust? The men in this room.

DAVOS: Does the wolf know you?

DOLOROUS EDD looks at DAVOS over his shoulder and nods.

DAVOS: We need all the help we can get.

As DOLOROUS EDD moves towards the door, someone knocks on it. The Night's Watch brothers draw their blades.

MELISANDRE (O.S.): Ser Davos.

DOLOROUS EDD looks over his shoulder at DAVOS. DAVOS nods. The Night's Watch brothers sheathe their swords. DOLOROUS EDD walks to the door and opens it. MELISANDRE enters. DOLOROUS EDD closes the door behind her. MELISANDRE is distressed at the sight of JON SNOW's body.

MELISANDRE: I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.

DAVOS: I can't speak for the flames, but he's gone.

MELISANDRE touches JON SNOW's cheek.


ALLISER THORNE sits at the high table among the other leaders of the Night's Watch. The rest of the Night's Watch brothers are shouting at each other.

MALE VOICE #1: He was our Lord Commander!

MALE VOICE #2: He never should have been!

ALLISER THORNE pounds his fist three times on the high table, then stands. The room quiets.

ALLISER THORNE: You all know why you're here. Jon Snow is dead.

NIGHT'S WATCHMAN #1: Who killed him?


The Night's Watch brothers resume shouting.

ALLISER THORNE: And Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck and the other officers in this castle.

NIGHT'S WATCHMEN #1: Murderers!

NIGHT'S WATCHMAN #2: Traitors!

The shouting resumes. OLLIE walks up beside the high table. ALLISER THORNE pounds the high table again.

ALLISER THORNE: You're right!

The shouting stops.

ALLISER THORNE: We've committed treason, all of us. Jon Snow was my Lord Commander. I had no love for him. That was no secret. But I never once disobeyed an order. Loyalty is the foundation on which the Night's Watch is built, and the Watch means everything to me. I have given my life, we have all given our lives to the Night's Watch. Jon Snow was going to destroy the Night's Watch. He let the wildlings through our gates, as no Lord Commander has ever done before. He gave them the very land on which they reaved and raped and murdered. Lord Commander Snow did what he thought was right, I've no doubt about that. And what he thought was right would have been the end of us. He thrust a terrible choice upon us, and we made it.

The men begin to murmur among themselves.


GHOST nudges JON SNOW's hand and whimpers.

DAVOS: He'll have seen we didn't come. Thorne will have made it official by now. Castle Black is his.

DOLOROUS EDD: I don't care who's sitting at the high table. Jon was my friend, and those fuckers butchered him. Now we return the favor.

DAVOS: We don't have the numbers.

DOLOROUS EDD: We have a direwolf.

DAVOS: It's not enough. I didn't know Lord Commander Snow for long, but I have to believe he wouldn't have wanted his friends to die for nothing.

DOLOROUS EDD: If you were planning to see tomorrow, you picked the wrong room. We all die today. I say we do our best to take Thorne with us when we go.

DAVOS: We need to fight, but we don't need to die. Not if we have help.

NIGHT'S WATCHMAN: Who's gonna help us?

DAVOS: You're not the only ones who owe your lives to Jon Snow.

DOLOROUS EDD's washes over with realization. He turns to the Night's Watchman at his side.

DOLOROUS EDD: Bolt the door. Don't let anyone in. I'll be back as soon as I can.

DOLOROUS EDD leaves through the door.

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