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You keep me alive, alive, when everything collides and falls apart
You are the one that's holding me
I'm alive, so alive, you make all the pain inside fade away
You are the one that keeps me alive

How could you lie there? Watching me die here?
Watching me give up on everything we were
How could you watch when I was so broken?
Watching everything we built up fade away
I'm at the end of fighting just to breathe
Then I remember you said you'd never leave

How could you live with all of my weakness, all of the times I ran pushing you away?
All I do is hurt you, I never deserved you, never aware of everything I put you through
Then I remember you said you'd never leave, do you remember you said you'd never leave?

I'm caught in you, there's no escape
I'll breathe you in or I suffocate
Surrendering is the only way and if I die tonight...

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