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Vagabond, No. 3: 1st Law: Chaos



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Uncertainty is a consequence
Of the certain disarray
Entropy, Insecurity
Its ignorance or dismay

After the Amniotic Sea
A liquid world awaits
The inner Big Bang
Push us into play

Unchained shackles
Chain reactions

The finitude dismantles
Every possible way out
Beneath the soil lies the past
And Time will keep its vow

Flow of matter
Life’s ethereal
Going faster

If chaos brings discomfort
With its changings for a while
The universe is far more dense
To worry with mankind

Unchained shackles
Chain reactions

The cosmos won’t adjust itself
Just so You can prevail
Against the tide we’ll still try
To bring order out of chaos

Unchained shackles
Chain reactions
Flow of matter
Chain reactions
It goes faster
When life starts to make some sense

From chaos life begun
And so everything ends
Then no one really has a choice
Stands a chance
Ever lasts

Every second of peace
Holds a war somewhere else
Bomb me, love me
Entertain me
So we can forget

On the same good old coin
Yin-Yang, joy and sadness
So Chaos stands the only law
Only god

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