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Vagabond, No. 4: Epitome, Epitaph



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Some may call destiny
Fate, meant to be
Deep down we all know
That everything is way beyond our will

We can’t even control our thoughts
How can we be free?
And what is life, then
Besides randomness, mystery?

If there’s no reason in life
Should it bother?
Tell me why

Once I felt incomplete
Failing to see
We’re also unique
Moments in time, paths we take

Pulsations that transform
The world around like a seed
That some inherit
Memories remain, we disappear

So if there is no afterlife
Would it change the path You climb?

No special role
No price to pay
No prize at all
For good behavior

Cosmic dust
To dust returns

One of these days
When things start to make some sense
We’ll lack the time
And it always runs too fast
In a certain way

In a certain way
Everyone sails against the wind
Stumbling around
We won’t ever be prepared
And it goes like this

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