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Russian Roulette



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What are the odds of being here?
What are the odds of lightning striking twice?
The problem with the probabilities
Is that it doesn’t tell
That some inherit luck
A few more rounds, a larger sum

So many sides
So many dice
Many outcomes
Yet, it goes on

Fortune favors
Fortunate men
Those in control
That spin the wheels of chance

Born and raised
Amazed in a maze
Players are pawns
Caught in a russian roulette

Things changed a lot over the centuries
Still they’re not random as they seem to be
Some fruits grow only on some family trees
They sell to you
Their seeds of dreams that never sprout
“You only aren’t lucky enough
Try again”

The rules may change
And so the board
But the game is
Still the same

The rules may change
But the game is the same
Players are pawns
Amazed in a maze
Awaiting for the wheels of chance
They spin a russian roulette

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