Flying Lotus

Zodiac Shit Remix

Flying Lotus ft. K-Mars


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The pendulum on the clock, the pendulum on the watch, gonna take my shot, and not miss, still stay sick, just face it, I'm acing, my circle be like a Rome coliseum now, but I use it as motivation crying over them is senile, but if I ever get a circle Ima make sure that it's a mother fucking spotlight, not tight, is your rhymes they are not right, I keep my mind on the obtuse, life is a female dog and she opposite of not loose, twist is what makes the rope, do with that what you will, still, remain creative, I just made a new flow, how many people do I want to help mucho, when I get famous, Ima reach the mother fucking a list, Man this some fucking shit that'll touch your soul, oh no, yolo, does not apply to me, up and coming rapper listen to my stuff its fibery, yea, I'm the only winning soul, only other soul, I see is at the bottom of my shoe, come in like a nuke, ask your bitch what it do, a little cocky with the music but isn't that what hip hop was built on so please give this skinny outcast a pass, get out the matrix, break the glass Where is the love, too many shades on guns, what would you do if the one holding it was your only son, violence is poison candy, looking sweet on the outside, but on the inside people die, we don't need no more denise, developing more as a knowledge seeker, questions with myself and life been getting more deeper, thinking I don't want to kill animals but then I love meat, what should I do what does that make me? But Ima just keep rhyming, and venting, inventing, yall going no where that's why you got no connection, meaning you got no bars, don't aim at violence with a fucking smith and wesson, finished

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