Disco 'Million Dollar Baby 2' (2008) al que pertenece la canción 'Blow Me A Dub'

Blow Me A Dub

Max B


Blow Me A Dub Letra

See we all medicate our pains some ways (Liquor, Booze, Drugs)
This is what we do
Let's go, yeah

I'm 'bout to blow me a dub
I need a swig of Grand Cru to take the pain away
The sour serenades my soul
(You better show me some love)
We sell seven bricks of caine a day
What's the matter with y'all hoes
(This for my homies and thugs)
I'mma pour a lil' liquor on the curb for my homies, see ya at the crossroads
(You niggas better show me some love)
Show me some love

Verse 1:
Niggas tried they best to hurt me, come and catch the birdie
I'm Tom Brady, you a Testeverde
Yeah, old, washed-up with no arm strength
He don't show no remorse, he ain't got a conscience
He ain't got the don sense to be the boss
Who that nigga they talkin' 'bout, that he need the cost
Biggavel', bet I prove 'em wrong again just like the last wave
I only get the money, hit the honeys that be nasty
Blast me, caught 'em off the lean, took his breath away
The ratchay, tore him off his jeans, took his vest away
Spend 50, put the rest away, tuck my metal hold
750 for a rainy day, cuz you'll never know
Know he got that better blow, Ds tried to crept strong
The Ds'll still a 9 even when stepped on
The sourman, throw me dub, the powderman, show me love
95 off a high-speed drive

Nigga better show me some love man
All this wave I bring to the game
Y'all niggas better show Biggavel' that love man
Might have to go back in, ya know
Might have to go do that 30, ya know
Fuck it, ya know
I'mma leave you niggas that wave though
Boss Don Biggavel', Byrd gang
Gotta love it, yeah
Public Domain 2 shit for you niggas baby
So wavy
Shouts to my boy Midel Barrio
Got the smiley faces back in the building
Nigga Al Pac, what's good baby, we Gain Greene
Ron Gida, Mike Bruno, ya know
It is what it is


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