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Pops was an addict
Moms was an addict
Auntie still is
Palm tree still there
Palm beach still here
Even though niggas blackball
The rap luke wars
I'm back with a black new charge
22 inches on the 6
I ain't talking about my dick
I'm talking about a, hit
Motion picture shit
That'll never reach the peak
Real meechy
We don't need sheets
We don't need, sleep
Baby I could beat it till the sun up
Till you cum nuff
Do it to your love come down
Ouu you make my love
Fiends love to taste my drugs
Dropped PD, 1,2,3 plus many many more
My pinky 75, not a penny more
Grand Cru the Henny or
Clico, first class trips to Montigo
She said

I'm lonely
Read me a bedtime story
I need you Max to come hold me
I need you to make me moan (I'm burning it up, I'm turning it up, I'm burning it up)
We gonna freshen your life, baby killin' it right now

25 no women, no kids
On parole, no where else to go
No where else that I could live
Place a bid for the biggavell
He always wanna work
And plus you get your money's worth
Watch the tummy turn
When I plant wet kisses on your neck
Very gently
Peel off in the bentley
Max why you fuck me like that
Nigga that's milf
That pussy I'mma mash it up
Smack it up
Mi nah wan eat it
Mi jus wan beat it
Her mouth get wet like a parapalegic
We don't cross no more
We carry beneath it
When I used to pitch the coke, I cheat-ed
They freaked it
Preach it, speak that shit Biggavell
You always talk the deep shit
You always talk that
Street shit
That the real niggas love the ride to
That they love to die to

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