No More Pain

No More Pain

Max B


No More Pain Letra

Boss don Biggavel , fuck wit ya boy, you know I have to get back in the game, “I see you baby” been a little off my game lately (Black) we about to tighten it back up get back in the mood gain greene style let me show you how niggas how I get it back in perspective yea

Light up that fifty piece and ride, fantasizing bout this bitch, her spandex was in camouflage, I can see the vision my decision, for finer thangs, nigga you the type to hide behind the chain, bullets coincide your brain dump it. When I hit him cock that nina no remorse, got it lookin like he's body paint, thugging butch and partying. Buck em with that shotty 10. Showing me they hammers, they suspicious cuz the system to, cook up in the kitchen to. Go with such tenacity, started out in projects but it ended in a tragedy, seven figure salary. Pop off on these bitches, steady thinking, drinking, they only hoes, missiles hit him I bet they sink him, Bigga yo vocabulary good, you shoulda been a pimp, fuck you mean I'm a genie man, Gucci black, beanie cap, most who've never seen me rap they just hear the sound of the surfing like a symphony, daddy into me