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Max B ft. Stack Bundles


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We don't need to communicate, fuck is all the chat for
I cross a nigga face up, clap the backboard
I got the black 4 but I really shoot it
The Mac with snap cord but I really use it
Got a thing for music, sex, money, and drugs
And anything pertaining to those I'll abuse it
Biggavell does this, nigga I'm a sec of 730, 7:29 nigga i'm ruthless We can't even be friends now
The boss got a nigga clean sitting in the Benz
And I ain't even gotta' two step
How many you need? I only got two left
Call stacks tell em' I'm sending out three
So many in the loop they think I'm giving em' out free
Lil' Mama let me get where your mouth be
Ass all big and the titties is bouncy
You Rap wack niggas Need to pronounce me
As one of the best that ever did it
Just ask my niggas I live it, bitches get the di-dick
I bend em' over and tell em' to split it after I hit it, I'm Gone

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