Zodiac Letra

Locked down
And so I notice
And so of course I let it

Lost in soul
Like the poets
Like a mole low lead

Lost more
A lack of sense
To pounce on ya

I fall upon this
And I'm Adonis at home

Once more like the Duchess of Man
Like a T shown one lap

A lost man
Like I told this
For peace only

In both solace
In the course of love and man

Lost more
THan both send
It comes with miracles and then

Cross man goes
Like a toad
For peace only

I was a live
I caught a life-like force-slam

Once more
Like a beautiful name
Like T shown low low low

Cross man
In case you notice
Cross that don't laugh

Cause I can only figure
My time away
I could tell but wish I could prevent
The way we went
You know by the way you spend this
So bored and so left
You can tell by the thought of bigger ones
You save a man

Oh yeah
I forgot to get my pills
I got to go downtown

Cause I can wear a coat
Like some manly man
You know that the house can live
Like some bandstand mind
I confess I know it's like the timid
Face of man that's hiding
Play in the sandbox
And jump and ever poured just sand

Oh yeah
I forgot to get my pills
I got to downtown.

Sobre Zodiac

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