Black Magic

Black Magic

Machine Gun Kelly ft. TezO


Black Magic Letra

Free Boosie, wipe me down, I'm too much for these niggas

I ain't got a Rolex, but I want one
So I ain't got time for your bullshit
First thing's first, gotta get me
I need more cheese like raw heat
These hoes gon' walk, these nigga's gon' hate
But me, I'ma do what we do (for real)
Got juice, got heart, got soul, nigga, what about you?
Early in the morning
'Cause the trap don't close
Love dope like Snoop Dogg
We don't love them hoes
One thing's for certain
Two thing's for sure
One monkey can't stop my shows (hell nah)
These niggas can't hold me back
One lady can't slow my roll (for real)
I know why you mad
I see why you pissed
'Cause you ain't got swag like this
Nah, you ain't got swag like this
Call me Tazer Tezo, a.k.a. Young Mercy Marty
Look at me I'm gorgeous, everything is flawless

Young Kells spit that dope
Y'all rappers spit that soap
That's that fake, y'all can't hang
Matter fact, take it back, grab that rope
Die Slow. I'm a bipolar, my bitch bisexual
She eat that pussy like vegetable
She just want green, cooking up edibles
Everyday I put 'get high' on my schedule
Smoke until I cough, I love to break the law
I'ma stay in the streets
Ya'll pigs can find a Trough
All I did was rap
Put it on the wall
Look at all the plaques
Still the underdog (mufucka!)

Hop out the Porsche like fuck it, nigga
Ride the bench or score some buckets, nigga
Yo bitch my bitch, oh yeah, we fuckin', nigga
Had her at the crib, you know she runnin', nigga

Yeah, so I hopped off that Porsche like fuck it, bitch
She can ride the bench or go get buckets, bitch
You love these hoes, man, quit fronting, bitch
And if it ain't EST, it's nothin bitch!


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