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International Haters Anthem

Machine Gun Kelly


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This joint right here is dedicated to all the Machine Gun Kelly MGK haters out there
We call this one 'International Haters Anthem'
I cordially invite you to enjoy the four features I have on here
Of myself, Machine Gun Kelly
A yo Dante, they say them Cleveland boys don't got no heat

Shit, bitch you know I never gave a fuck
Oh damn, my bad
Can't say shit when I'm in my Jag
Words gonna slur when I hit that gas
When it's too fast
Came up on a little bit of change, quick cash
Haters wanna see me fall quick like ash
Grams are less 'cause I bounce back
Diamonds in my chain, yellow like cab
Save another peddle break 'em off, Kit Kat
Hoppin' out the bedroom for money and big bags
Fuck you, hatin' on Machine Gun Kelly
Kelly gonna get you, body bag
Might have a little rope in the trunk
I'm in the Cadillac
Killer Kels, hip-hop's back
Mwah, pucker up, kiss my ass
Personally I like the distance between us
Take a look over the buildings and see the Caribbean
Chick is what I be swimming in
Record officially eating
CD shelf me-e all day-um
'I choose you' what they be singin'
My net worth is multi-million
You yourself is barely eatin'
Eenie miney mo' money
Said fuck the streets let's hit arenas
Packin' money in the small cases, just like misdemeanors
I'm felonious
Money stretching out longer than my penis
Hold up, what the fuck you wanna take a flick for?
Laugh more
People just sayin' I couldn't spit though
That wasn't my car, that was a rental
See me roll up with the stars now I'm the shit, oh
Ok, that's how it is though
Bitches wanna hit up a dude just 'cause Then you found out about the flow like a pitbull
Now you all on my dick like a nympho
Here we go
Being rushed but I'm pretty, ho
First they acted so diddy though
But now they all in my video
She ain't shit, she just pitiful
Ain't no dime, she a penny ho
Mouth closed, open this close only talk when Machine Gun Kelly's home
They said my info 2-16-26 like Goddamn I'm a pimp
My magic stick ain't 'posed to poke her, wanna loosen up your grip
I'd rather limp than be a wimp and spend my ends up on a bitch that crimp
Gamers in my sport so I ain't never had to pitch, get it
Get a clip and put a tip into your baby momma's hip
Because my clique do the dirty work and I collect the chips
I'm 'bout more money, what's a hater though
I'm focused on more whips, I ain't a faggot
Tell them dudes to get they lips up off my dick, bitch

By God, I've done it again there Johnson
Hey, nah man this is for all my Cleveland people out there
Doing their thing man
Keep grinding, let's get it
Once again, it is your favorite white boy rapper
I am Machine Gun Kelly bitch
I be wildin' bitch
I be wildin' mother fucker

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