One Time


One Time Letra

Motherfuckers callin' my team Scarface, pushing that white boy like Tony
From the blocks to the island like Coney
We poundin' (?), young gun away from nothing, but a couple of pennies
2-1-2, ahh, couple of minis
Now can you feel me, it's just that real biatch, Kells, biatch
Caught ya never snitchin' in 5th Grade, I wouldn't even show and tell biatch
I'm from the city where menace made
I had a daughter, now I'm trying to father a junior, like it's Eleventh Grade
Neighbors look in my garage, like where the whip at?
Haters looking around like where my click at?
Right over there, makin' sure my profit is avoiding the dispatch
Only thing that ain't moving is where my lips at
Cause all that chit-chat with me? Nada
I'd rather stuff these dollars in my pockets, tell the (?) make em burst like Piñata
And though my partners medicated, they ain't ill much
But they do regurgatitin', throw the bills up
This is my life, born winner since momma pushed out a fetus
And these haters over-crowdin' my penis
6'3', big feet, Chuck T's, guess you know what that means
Get on your motherfuckin' knees and suck these, bitch!
And I will never put no one above my baby mama
So with these hoes, I keep my poker face like Lady Gaga
Give them some intercourse and flight, middle fingers up
That means I give a flying fuck, dumb dumb, listen up
Now let me tell you some rules to this game
Everybody isn't real, only a few remain
With that said, you should never become a business mans friend
Cause his intentions from the beginning is them back ends
And most important, never forget where you from
Cause after it's over, guess where you gon' be? Running home
And last off, never let 'em take the love from us
Loyalty is everything, EST or it's nothin', Kells

One time, for the beautiful struggle we live
Fuck, one time, trying to keep us from doing the biz
Two times, for the people that's holdin' the jokes
Three, if I gotta say who this for, I'mma save this for y'all

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