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Me and my dog, represent like what (rep, rep)
Represent like what (like what, like what)
Me and my bitch get it in like what
We get it in like what, unh (unh, unh, unh, unh, unh...)

And if you never had a penny, don't you wanna ball?
Used to fall asleep with the stomach empty, now don't you wanna ball?
Tattoos like Makaveli, the shit that make you wanna ball
And I'm a die when I'm ready, but I'm living so I want it all

Me and my dogs getting blow biatch
My little brother just got out of parole biatch
My daughter just turned five-years old biatch
And we ain't mopping no mo' floors biatch
None of my brothers work 9-5
Never scared living life, we got nine lives
Keep it hood with the Hen, no Mai Tai
Smoking on la-la, bumping Big Poppa
I mean look at all the shit we been through
Seven people in a four door rental
I mean look at what we did with a pencil
Beat a statistic of becoming another stencil
I mean an outline on that sidewalk
Man I'm supposed to be dead and that's real talk

I wonder what you got for a little muhafucka
A real muhfucka, chill muhfucka
I guess it's God's will
Yet and still, I'm in the field with dollar bills
To track sharks with no gills, ready to kill muhfuckas
And I don't want no part of that
The first time I heard kat-kat-kat
I almost had a fucking heart attack
Stuttering like that-that-that shit was crazy
Maybe it's time I used the talent that God gave me
But I was just local
Didn't have a rap name, I was just hopeful
Paid for my first studio session with quarters
We didn't even have enough money to cut vocals, damn
Traded pop cans for dimes
Some wanna be doctors, I wanted to rhyme
And if following your dreams is a crime, then I'm a crook
Guess I'll be in the book, when they get me, in due time

Free all my real muthafuckers! We livin' bitch! Fuck the police!

Yeah! Can you believe? Your boy is living the muthafucking dream, while they still sleep. Ha, sons-of-bitches. Alarm clock ain't going off 'til the work days half-way over. Fuck it! Light five more. And I heard homebody done fucked every bitch on the block, hahahaha. That muhafucka crazy. Cleveland (8x)!

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