Disco 'Full Metal Jackit Vol. 2' (2004) al que pertenece la canción 'Breathe Freestyle'

Breathe Freestyle

Freddie Gibbs


Breathe Freestyle Letra

Yeah, yeah, woo
All-natural Freddie Gibbs nigga
Chokeholds in the game
Chokeholdin' these niggas
No Tamin'
Breathe, yeah
They can't
Yeah, yeah

Ayo these niggas can't breathe when I'm spittin' venom
Puttin' holes in they denim
Still city stickup kid, don't nobody want it wit' him
Anybody step outta line, they gettin' dealt wit'
View me as a threat, I'm hazardous to your health bitch
Inhale, take a puff of this flame
Me and my nigga Jermaine blowin' mary jane
And now we can't (breathe)
Cause marijuana got a nigga gone
Got a nigga in a zone
I'm givin' it to you clones
Got your people singin' it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
When I pull that semi out and took your fuckin' breathe away
When it come to the heaters, you know that I don't ever play
I bust an AK, you can put ya fuckin' chess away
F-R-E-double-D to the-I-E
Mess around wit' me you'll be eatin' through a IV
You think you notorious? You ain't ready to die G
Push me to the edge, I dare you niggas to try me
Niggas should be shook up, I diss niggas quick
Next time you look up, they'll be playin' that shit at hook ups
Homie, in Indiana I'm the governor
But niggas in the hood want you outta the picture like George W
My flow make you hold yo' chest
You thinkin' I'mma fall off? Man don't hold yo' breath
You muthafuckas better (breathe)
I'm connected wit' Puerto Ricans and Mexicans
And niggas that push more keys than Duke Ellington
But I ain't gotta touch no work
I got game, I could pimp a hoe to get my merch
I get ya girl then I treat her like a filthy slut
She let me fuck now I can't get her off my nuts
She won't let a nigga (breathe)
A lotta niggas wanna smoke this dude
And make me front page news on the post tribune
But I will never ever bite my tongue
I been the illest since the Lord blew breath in my lungs
You other niggas can't (breathe)

Bitch nigga, y'all can't breathe
This No Tamin' Entertainment in this bitch
Freddie Gibbs, all y'all niggas talkin' that gibberish about shut ya muthafuckin' mouth homeboy
Don't make me call you out
It's the one right here baby
Niggas that I used to go to school wit', be cool wit'
Nah I don't fool-

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