Freddie Gibbs

The World Is My Ashtray

Freddie Gibbs


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Uh, yeah
You ain't really build like me, me, me
Like me, me, me

Yeah, June 14th, 1982, tunnel of life, she pushed that baby through
Few minutes later she pushed that baby out
She ain't raised him to be slanging shit up in her house
Ten below, I'm selling dope until my toes froze
Throw some catch with my '87 nose hose
Niggas getting fresher for the Summer, I'm in old clothes
Burned a lot of bridges, watched a lot of doors close
Saw that al the hoes chose niggas with exotic cars
Maybe I was lacking in hustle, but I had the heart to rob
It's either that or starve, do or die, sink or swim
Had to pop a Xanny cause I think I'm on that brink again
Let me take you deeper then
These two geekers, spot 'em, banging out, might jack me, so my Nikes I be sleeping in
Yeah I probably know 'em, but don't trust them far as I can throw 'em
Burying my money in the floor, that's how I want it flowing
Me and three amigos put all four of us in something foreign
Bitches, stick it to them, once I do them, ain't got nothing for them
That's the life I lead I'll probably leave a pretty corpse
The streets a bitch I've been cheating she's seeking a divorce
Now I lay me down to sleep, pray to Lord my soul to keep
Don't let this weed and Hennessy hinder what I could grow to be
Used to rap and wish a record company notice me
Only to get signed and dropped a year later with no release
Did some things, at one with peace, then went to war with police
Fed up with cases being beat so they put my boy to sleep
Now every rhyme I write for you I hope you understand it
And to the pig that took you from us, fuck him and his family
Staring at the world through my rearview mirror, my vision's clearer
Back when granny told me put Jesus first, guess I couldn't hear her
All my life all I wanted was that almighty dollar
Ski mask and my semi-auto will solve my problems
And I voted for Obama but I still don't understand
These political presidentials, they need to break it down for niggas
The world is steadily moving fast and ain't gonna wait around for niggas
I stay protecting where I lay cause I ain't laying it down for niggas

The world is my motherfuckin' ashtray, Mexican and (?)
Want a half? Meet me half way
Break 'em down and move a couple bands on the bad day
Might not rap forever so I'm thuggin' 'til my last day
Bitch I said the world is my motherfuckin' ashtray
Niggas got them zones, quarters, halves, meet me half way
Break 'em down and move a couple bands on the bad day
Might not rap forever so I'm thuggin', like it's my last day
Motherfuckin' Gibbs

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