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Crushin’ Feelin’s

Freddie Gibbs


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(You know) A lot of niggas be thinking I be talking about them in my raps and shit (Yeah, nigga)
Probably cause I do, nigga

(verse 1)
My sentiments exactly, niggas can't out rap me
And if they could, they already dead or they hip-hop hall-of-famers
Don't run up if you ain't got a whole catalog of bangers
Gary gangsta, guess I'm no longer a stranger
Bitch I get love out on the West Coast like I ball for Lakers
Ask my nigga Syke, fuck the proof, I'm where the drugs was
Hit the streets with nothing but troops, slaughter your buzz, cuz
Thuggin', I don't be bloggin' like Budden, I just speak through the songs
Figure the only reason that you was on, cause you's a clone
Moving right along, we all wrong, but all's well
Slamming off the phone and chopping stones, we all sell
Sometimes I had work on deck, and sometimes I 9-to-5-ed it
Do more than boast about balling, I rhyme about surviving
Getting it in every city I ever lived
South Central to ATL and over the Brooklyn Bridge
I hit the G and watch them shipping that weight
Serving plates, whipping with my nigga Dominican H
I need some cash, I know you trying to get straight, so fuck with me dawg
Them other niggas slamming that bammer, they need a recall
Got choppers, fuck binoculars, nigga we come to see y'all
Don't matter if you V, or GD, or C or a B-Dawg
The topics from the prophet prevail
East-side G.I. 'til I get dropped or I get locked in a cell
My nigga Pill said, 'I can't afford to take that L.'
So he lickin shots at the fucking laws
I call 'em Johnnies (fuck the police), he like to call em twelve
Fuck the polices and rest in peace, to my nigga Stymie
Pigs killed him front of his family, that shit was grimey
That's why everywhere I go I keep a Ruger beside me
Cut the fat from the clique, got them bitch niggas way from 'round me
That's how they do you, act like they never knew you
Ho I see right through you, what you eatin' don't make me doo-doo
And if I ain't gon' shit, I might as well jump off the pot
Mighty dollar say I might as well pull a plot on your spot
I'm trying to clock a knot, pushing as quickly as possible
Had to be Gangsta Gibbs, wasn't gifted like Glenn Robinson
Average hoop skills, but I ride up on coupe wheels
Custom convertible Cutlass, how you and you crew feel
When you see that? You probably wanna do that just like me
I set the bar for I-N-D, no nigga don't rap like me
You want that killer not that filler, then fuck with yo' boy Fred
Malcolm of the Mid, probably more like Detroit Red
And I can easily bring you defeat with my vernacular
I'm too deep in these streets to be beefing with a rapper
I got niggas that hate me, bitches that love me
Hands do damage so I manage to stay handsome when shit could get ugly
Now every nigga rhyming think he a mob boss
Better keep it tucked cause pups get fucked like Shad Moss
Niggas was puffing that huff 'til I sent a few quads off
Shot my nigga some kush and couple of zips of that bomb soft
Attracting addicts, when I pick them beats I be selecting Statik
Rap ain't nothing but talking shit; I'm just the best at it
At every stage show, I'm puffin that tree
Been putting it down since '03, but y'all wasn't fuckin with me
I threw my tape out on the streets and watched my tape lift off
With out a verse from Weezy, Kanye or the fake Rick Ross
Fuck a cosign, I hold mine close to the hip
Crushin' feelin's, leaving niggas on some emotional shit
Gangsta Gibbs

And I love the rap game (We love it, baby)
I love to see niggas getting, you know (Getting money, nigga)
Get shit cracking, gettin shit popping, you know what I mean
Time to bring that money to the motherfucking G, nigga
Motherfuckers been doing this shit for years
It's time for them motherfuckers to be getting in this thang, baby
And if you ain't from G, nigga, don't come to the G
Cause you ain't gon' understand the G
You gon' be laying in the G
Shoutout to all my niggas in the G, nigga

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