Disco 'The Labels Tryin' to Kill Me: The Best of Freddie Gibbs' (2009) al que pertenece la canción 'Empire Strikes Back'

Empire Strikes Back

Freddie Gibbs


Lets go
The empire strikes back nigga
We runnin' this, we givin' it to you rap niggas
These whack niggas, that don't deserve the deal
They don't desereve to shine
To me the west is mine
I've been patiently waiting in Indiana holdin' down the streets
Somebody finally unleashed the beast
And i'mma eat til i'm takin' food off your plate
So you can wipe that motherfuckin' smile off your face
It's time for y'all to pack it up, shut it down, turn it in
I ain't in this business to make friends or make amends
With none of you motherfuckers
I'm comin' at every last one of you motherfuckers
Who is it? It's none other than the Steel City stick up kid
The young gorilla
Never been afraid to bust my gun for scrilla
And I never, ever been the type to run from niggas
I'm in the lac with the mac blowin' ganja nigga
We straight cruisin' with plenty of heat
You know the niggas from the G gotta keep the semis under the seat
Plus my clique roll deep like the nation of Islam
But when it's beef we don't set up meetings with Farrakhan
We bomb on these niggas trynna stop our bread
Put something hot in their head like Detroit Red
I could care less about my enemies
I leave 'em for dead
I try to chill but these niggas pushin' me to the edge
They won't be satisfied til i pull the chopper out the holster
Down for the cause, i'm a motherfuckin' soldier
Playin' my position I ain't bitchin' like other guys
And i'm a G, without the G
You see these niggas sippin' 40s in the Tahoe
Then they out in Beverly Hills sippin' on cosmos
Homie you done stepped outta ya zone
So I hope ya gotcha
Gangsta Gibbs nigga

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