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Executive Decision

Freddie Gibbs ft. El Prez


Executive Decision Letra

Said he gonna pop me with his chopper
Cause his main girl my smoking partner
Once I hit your town she hit this dope
And laugh and joke about you
Fact that he professional on the face I let it go
Guess you could say she love to see me come
But hate to see me go
Dat alcohol and reefer smoke flow through me
As I flow on these records
Ho's see my videos and show up at my hotel door naked
My nigga figaro told me this job I got is a blessing
So make your mark up in this game but nigga don't disrespect it
Before I pick up this microphone
I will post with them nikes on
Sack of rock in my sock
Yeah I rap but can't leave this life alone now
I guess they wanna know

How do we do what we do and I'm out here doing me
Until I'm fucking done, uhh
And though I probably do some shit I shouldn't do
Ain't go lie before I die let's have some fucking fun, uhh
They wonder how do we do what we do and I'm out here doing me
Until I'm fucking done, uhh
And no I might not be the biggest shit to you
But to know they really love me bitch I'm number one, uhh

El. Prez. Gangsta Gibbs. Bitch

Smoke something, drink something, that's the way it be
Every day we do A to Z
Playing with these hoes for free
No, other way to live it
Game is hella frigid
Slang this boss dick so boss chicks make executive decisions
Break me off with all of that wisdom
I call them my consultants
They break it, roll it, light it, smoke it, And roll up some more shit
Her homegirl be holding it
I tell her pass it quick
But I ain't talkin bout the trees
I mean this hoe is on my dick
I'm bout that gold just like I'm slick
Keep it gangster like I'm Gibbs
I met this ho up in the vip
Now she all up in my crib
I'm bout to get this barbie 'qued all up in her ribs
I ain't listening while you tripping
Hoe just let me stick the tip in, girl


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