Freddie Gibbs

Freestyle #3

Freddie Gibbs


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Kick another freestyle for these motherfuckers, you know what I'm sayin'
It's the one and only Finger Roll, No Tamin'
Here we go again
This is Freddie Gibbs
Y'all motherfuckers better recognize
It's goin' down now

Yo, I'm the best rapper from my city man it ain't no question
This is more than just a hobby, this is my profession
Y'all still talkin' shit, I thought you learned y'all lesson
Understand you can never stop my progression
Man I'm rappin' wit' no regrets
Freestyle muthafucka, no pen, no paper, no sweat
No break, no hook, no bitches, no singin'
This is no joke, no mercy, No Tamin'
Seesaw, Vicious, Reese, and Roll
Plus ya boy Freddie Gibbs, man we outta control
My niggas is real soldiers
Y'all muthafuckas need to roll wit' us cause you 'bout to be rolled over
I'm sayin' it in the nicest way
You like to play, you can lose your life today
Hey, and I ain't sayin' that I'm harder than y'all
I'm just sayin' that I'm a whole lot smarter than y'all
You can tell by my interviews
Y'all niggas is dumb as Blade Brown and geeks like Duncan Pinderhughes
Just another fuckin' class act
Another nigga that I blast at
Bitch, where the cash at?
It ain't no secret I'm after the bread man
I'm tryna get wealthy before I'm a dead man
Ugh, show me the money cause I rip these beats
If I'm eatin', every nigga in my clique gon' eat
If I'm shinin', every nigga in my clique gon' shine
Cause I know that every nigga in my clique gon' grind
And I know that every nigga in yo' clique is a lame
You motherfuckin' bird brains can't handle the game
What is you niggas insane? You don't want it wit' dis
Keep my name out yo' mouth, you don't wanna get dissed
When I diss you, I scratch ya name off my list
Then I tell ya lil bitch to get off my dick
Now I'm rappin' all these hoes be givin' me coochie-coupons
Take me to the crib, then I fuck 'em on they futon
Bitch please, I don't love you girl
You just another tryna be a part of my world
I can rap about yo' woman cause I actually hit it
I don't rap about no shit if I ain't actually did it
I can bring it to you live right in front of ya face
I be murderin' everybody, it don't matter their race
I be slicin' up asians, blacks, and white people
Latin niggas say 'we can't fuck with Fred DeRico'
'He sorta like Deebo, snatchin' ya jewelry'
But I don't take a beatin' at the end of this movie, huh

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